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St. Lawrence County offers a variety of hiking opportunities to suit your level of ability
Please scroll down the list to find your trail.

Have any great trails you'd like to share?
Send us an email with the description and area it is in.

Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides
Bear Mountain:
This is a loop trail, beginning at a parking lot adjacent to campsite 27 in the Cranberry Lake campground and ending in loop IV. Several vistas overlook the lake from the mountain; a lean-to is located .6 mile from the parking lot.Located east of Cranberry Lake Campground, NY.

Indian Creek Nature Center:
This trail offers incredible views of the different kinds of birds that inhabit the area while hiking this 4 mile trail. There is also an observation tower and bird blind, for those more interested in bird watching. Located in Rensselaer Falls, NY.

Buck Pond Primitive Corridor:
This undeveloped road bed is used by the owners of Buck Pond to reach their property. >From Buck Pond it follows old logging roads until it meets the roadbed of the logging railroad constructed by the Post and Henderson Copany around 1905. Just north of Little Otter Pond, the trail forks with the northern road continuein on to Youngs Rd. south of the hamlet of Star Lake. There is usually beaver activity present during this hike.Located in the Five Ponds Wilderness area.
Lampson Falls:
This incredible waterfall is the highpoint of the Grass River which is known for it's waterfalls. A trail leads down the side of the falls, and then you are able to cross the river via a foot bridge. The views are incredible.Located just north of Degrasse, NY.
Campground Trail:
This trail connects Bear Mountain Trail with Burntbridge Pond Snowmobile Trail. It was constructed in 1987 to provide campers at the Cranberry Lake Campground with more access to this parcel. It also provides hikers with access to Bear Mountain from Route 3. The crew that built this trail refers to it as "the boardwalk" because two 250' bridges cross portions of Bear Mountain Swamp..Located between Rt. 3, and the Oswegatchie River.
Moores Trail:
This trail, although paralleling the Wanakena Snowmobile Trail, follows a more scenic route adjacent to the Oswegatchie river. Canoeists sometimes use this trail as a carry between Inlet and Wanakena.Located just west of Cranberry Lake.
Cat Mountain:
Evidence of the blowdown of 1995 is all around you as you make your way up to the summit of Cat Mountain. The views from the top are beautiful.Located south of Cranberry Lake, NY.
Olmstead Pond Loop:
This loop begins on the Sixmile Creek Trail approximately .5 mile from West Flow. It passes Spectacle and Simmons ponds and joins the former Olmstead Pond Trail at the Olmstead Pond lean-to and continues to rejoin the Sixmile Creek Trail.Located in the Five Ponds Wilderness Area.
Cowhorn Junction Trail:
This trail connects the High Falls loop with Cowhorn Junction. It provides access to the Cat Mountain Trail and passes Cat Mountain and Bassout Ponds..Located in the Five Ponds Wilderness Area.
Otterbrook Trail:
This trail follows a restricted access road from the South Branch of the Grass River to Chair Rock Flow. It shortens the distance to Dog Pond to 3.4 miles..Located east of Cranberry Lake.
Dog Pond Loop Trail:
Construction of this trail began in 1988. It leaves the Burntbridge Pond Snowmobile trail at Brandy Brook Flow, passes four developed campsites on the flow and heads south, crossing the Hedgehog Pond Trail to Curtis Pond, where it goes easterly to Irish and Dog ponds. At Proulx's Clearing, near Dog Pond the trail turns north to meet the Burntbridge Pond Snowmobile Trail west of Burntbridge Pond.Located between Rt. 3 and the Oswegatchie River.
Sand Lake Trail:
This trail begins at the southwestern corner of the High Falls loop and crosses the only bridge over the Oswegatchie River within this wilderness. Beaver flooding is very common along the beginning of the trail. The trail runs southwesterly past Five Ponds and Wolf Pond, ending at Sand Lake. Lean-tos are located at Big Shallow Little Shallow, Wolf Pond and Sand Lake.Located in the Five Ponds Wilderness area.
High Falls Loop:
This trail begins at the parking lot on the South Shore Rd. in the Hamlet of Wanakena at the start of the Dead Creek Flow Trail. After leaving the former roadbed, the trail follows old logging roads to meet with a short trail that provides access for boaters from Janack's Landing. On the return trip a hiker may continue along an abandoned logging railroad that ran between High Falls and Wanakena. This trail will likely contain some beaver flooding.Located in the Five Ponds Wilderness Area.
Wolf Lake:
This trail takes you to a bluff offering beautiful scenery Huckleberry Lake. This trail takes you through a series of lakes and there are many lean-to to make camp should one want to stay the weekend.Located just outside of Talcville, NY.

Please remember if you bring it in, make sure you bring it out!!!
Always leave an area the way it was before you got there - Lets keep the Adirondacks Clean!!

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Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides

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Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides

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