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Paintings by Kim Hildreth

Hi Folks,

I was born of a family that has introduced the beauty of the Adirondacks to people since the haydays of the Adirondacks.

I too want to achieve this status by sharing my views of the Adirondacks with you through my fine art prints.

At the age of five I painted my first oil painting with the help of my grandmother. Since then I have self taught myself with the Adirondacks and it's wildlife as my inspiration and teacher.

My appreciation of the Adirondacks has compelled me to capture on canvas what the majority of people may never see. I leave no detail out to portray the beauty and peacefulness of these mountains.

Self taught, I have been painting for 24 years from photographs which I gather on my excursions into the mountains. My paintings and prints have had worldwide appeal which keeps me busy always looking for that 'next' picture.

Locally, my works have received television exposure and during the summer and fall I regularly attend art shows in upstate New York.

Kim Hildreth